About Us

We are a multi-platform investment manager with specialised strategies that run parallel to our closed-ended, value-add funds.

As a vertically integrated real estate investment business, we have managed more than €10bn of assets across multiple geographies and sectors, including retail, offices, residential and most recently, last-mile logistics.

Connecting capital to real estate opportunities

We create and execute location-based strategies that combine a strong creative vision with integrated development and asset management expertise that minimises risk, while also developing macro-strategies that tap into mega-trends and structural changes within real estate.

This allows us to respond to growing demand from institutional investors to gain exposure to emerging, structurally supported asset classes.


We use our network of teams with genuine local market presence and knowledge to source attractive off-market opportunities. Our ownership and management structure allow us to move nimbly and respond quickly to market conditions and emerging trends.

Above all, we are experts at creating brands, whether at an asset, location or portfolio level, which drive a premium and create value for our partners.


“Our team of visionaries has hundreds of years combined experience across the industry. From acquisition and leasing, to marketing, financing and structuring, our people have a competitive edge in delivering excellence with every investment.”

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