At MARK, we are committed to integrating Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) practice into our investments and our business.

Our hands-on investment approach strives to create and deliver physical assets that meet both current and future needs of the communities which inhabit them. We seek to implement sustainable practices and behaviours amongst our teams, suppliers, and partners.

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MARK Materiality Assessment

In H2 2023, MARK instructed trusted partners, Evora Global to complete a Materiality Assessment for the company including Crossbay II, our pan European last mile logistics platform. The materiality assessment identified and contextualized sustainability topics and their material impact and financial impact on the company as well as the company’s impact on people and the planet.

The process considers the impact for the most relevant sustainability issues both positive or negative, and the relevance of a sustainability factor to a company's financial performance. EVORA carried out a materiality assessment which included peer analysis, policy review, internal and external interviews, and an online survey. A materiality matrix was developed based on insights derived from this, which were ultimately used to identify MARK’s core ESG focus areas and design a robust and adaptable framework. Please see our 2023 MARK ESG policy above, which incorporates our core ESG focus areas. This policy will be reviewed annually.